GUESS WHAT? my sweet baby girl said MAMA today! she started making M sounds for the first time this afternoon. after a few minutes of that, travis looked her and said MAMA. she said it back, clear as day, TWICE. amazing. my heart is completely full right now.

thank you, sylvie, for making my day LIFE.


what we’ve been up to.

sylvie had a pediatrician appointment this morning. she wore her favorite panda hat for the occasion.

(thanks aunt marsha!) we found out she weighs 14 pounds 11 ounces (that’s almost a pound and a half gained since christmas eve!) and it still holding tight at 25 inches long. developmentally she is doing fantastic. she can bear weight on her legs, sit unsupported for minutes at a time, and has become a pro at mimicking us. the only area in which she is falling behind is tummy time. ever since she learned how to roll from front to back she has avoided tummy time with all of her might. i think we may have figured out a solution.

this is either parenting at its worst or its finest. whatever. she did tummy time for a full 10 minutes without whining or trying to roll over. it’s a new record! i don’t blame her for her aversion to tummy time. why would she want to lay down when she can STAND?

this is blowing my mind right about now! she can STAND with very little support. when in the heck-fire did this happen?!

also, i have a confession to make. with all of the traveling we’ve done lately, we have gotten a little lax with cloth diapering. however, i am happy to report that we’ve started it again! this afternoon’s diaper even matches her outfit.

cloth diapers are great for the environment, friendlier to the tush, and blah blah blah. whatever. they’re stinkin’ CUTE. end of story.

you know what else is stinkin’ CUTE? sylvie does this thing where she puts one finger in her mouth and then looks at me or travis all sweet and dimply.

yeah. it slays me, too.

she is getting funnier and more fun every single day. this month is shaping up to be the best one yet!



the first night of sharing our food with sylvie was a success! as i said in the last post, we had pot roast for dinner tonight. i took some of the carrots, red potatoes, and turnips out of the cooking liquid and pureed them with some vegetable broth and water. she LOVED it. oh my goodness, i could barely get the spoon away from her! after she ate all of it, she lifted her bib to her mouth and licked the rest up. hilarious!

the first thing i learned from feeding sylvie solids is that she does NOT like bland food. when we started plain brown rice cereal she would barely finish a teaspoon of the stuff. so i tried a little experiment. i added a pinch of sweet curry powder to the mixture. she gobbled up almost 2 tablespoons of it right away. it was amazing to the see the difference a little flavor could make. from then on i was sold. the vegetables she had tonight were simmered for 3 hours in wine and broth with various herbs and spices. i’m hoping to work up to the point where i can just puree her food using the cooking liquid. i’m sticking with organic, sodium-free vegetable broth until she gets little older.

so far my sweet girl has been a great little eater. i hope it stays that way through toddlerhood and beyond!

first foods.

tonight sylvie had her first vegetable puree–peas with garlic and sweet curry. she has been eating brown rice cereal once a day for the past two weeks. we added sweet curry powder to the brown rice cereal about a week ago. she LOVED it. we decided it was time to give something green a try. of course, we documented the occasion.

once she got over the surprise of a new taste and texture she hungrily dove toward the spoon, mouth wide open. her positive reaction makes me so happy. we are attempting to raise an adventurous eater. i think the keys to this will be introducing bold flavors early and serving her what we eat. my plan from here on out is to feed her a pureed version of whatever we’re having for dinner. we know she has slight allergy issues with dairy, but other than that nothing is off limits. everyone’s having pot roast tomorrow!

if there are other moms (or dads) out there attempting the same, i highly recommend you read hungry monkey: a food-loving father’s quest to raise an adventurous eater by matthew amster-burton. i’m only 35 pages in and this book has already blown my mind in the best possible way. not only is the writing witty and insightful, it is also practical and includes dozen of recipes. i’m waiting on another book called my two-year-old eats octopus: developing children’s palates so they’ll love to eat everything by nancy tringali piho. i’ll revue it once it gets here. hurry up amazon!

they way i figure it babies grow up all over the world on the foods of their culture from the get go. babies in japan, zimbabwe, and argentina probably don’t eat strained sweet potato for six straight months. they happily eat what is available. i hope the same for my child.

blog anniversary.

january 9th was my one year blogging anniversary. it’s been a pretty incredible year as i’ve watched this blog grow from a handful of page views per day to hundreds. it’s humbling, to say to the least, to know that people i’ve never met care about what i write. 279 posts into this journey, and i feel like i have learned so much. i’ve learned that real, true friends can be made online. i may never meet any of these people, but they have helped to shape who i am as a person and a mother. i’ve learned to take the bad with the good. with this wonderful community inevitably comes a few haters. speaking of which, i’ve learned that it’s perfectly acceptable to block cruel comments. this is my space, and i have the right to censor it.

i’ve learned that this community can also be a detrimental thing. there are thousands of other mothers to compare myself with and thousands of other babies to compare sylvie to. there are mothers who appear perfect, but we all know how easy it is to post only about the good times. there are mothers who have berated me for my decision to stop breast feeding my daughter, which was the best call for her. she is a happy, healthy, giggly, thriving 5 month old. i’ve learned to ignore (pardon my french here) the bitches. those girls who insist on being self-righteous and hurtful. you may have nursed your child into toddlerhood, but are you really setting a good example for little susie by cutting me down?

i’ve learned that i LOVE blogging more than i thought i would. i’ve learned that writing everyday is good for me. it’s fun, cathartic, and it gives my mind some exercise. i think writing, like anything else, takes practice. i’ve enjoyed having an audience of willing readers to practice in front of.

i’ve learned that my readers are incredibly kind people. thank you for making 2010 such a fantastic year for me and this little blog. thank you for stopping by to read what i have to say. thank you for commenting and for offering support in those times that i needed it. thank you for being family, friends, and strangers. your overwhelming kindness inspires me to be a better blogger, friend, wife, and mother. 2010 was the year my life changed forever. i think 2011 has the potential to be even better. thank you.

i think the best way to end this post is with the reason why i started this blog in the first place.

do you love me?

5 months.

my dear sylvie,

yesterday we celebrated 5 months together as a family of three. it was our busiest month so far! we spent much of it in our future home of houston, texas. you met your cousins, tessa and sam for the first time. they were quite taken by you! they spent much of the time bickering over who got to hold you, sit by you, and cuddle you.

we celebrated your first christmas and new year. you even helped to open your presents on christmas morning! you are getting more coordinated everyday.

you are very lucky girl! we got to spent the holidays with both my family and your daddy’s. you were spoiled rotten and loved on by everyone around you for two straight weeks! i’m so happy that we got to experience this day with everyone we love.

this month you have hit three huge developmental milestones. first of all, you have started to cut some teeth. this makes you a little cranky sometimes, but so far you are taking it in stride. you love your wooden teether and your vibrating teether best of all.

the second big milestone is that you can now sit up unassisted for short periods of time. i can’t wait until you’re capable of doing this long enough to play! it is so fun to watch you take in the world around you from this new perspective.

this new found coordination led to your third big milestone of the month–spoon feeding! you now eat one meal of brown rice cereal a day. we’ve only been doing this for about a week, and you’re already so much better at it! i used to have to force the spoon into your closed mouth. now you lean forward and open your mouth when you see food coming your way. we’ve also given you a few bits off of our plates. you love had mashed potatoes! i’m so excited for this next chapter in your development. food is a big deal in our home, and we hope you are an adventurous eater. i ordered a few books on the subject, as well as a baby food cookbook. our plan is to introduce vegetable purees after another week or so of plain rice cereal. i hope you like peas!

you have become the master of tummy time this month. you used to hate tummy time with a passion, but now you tolerate it just fine. i think you like it more because you’re finally getting strong enough to look around. you still prefer being on your back or sitting up, though.

you are growing and changing so quickly, baby girl! we measured and weighed you on christmas eve. you weighed 13.5 pounds and were a hair over 25 inches long. you weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19 inches at birth. that’s a gain of over 7 pounds and 6 inches in less than 5 months! holy smokes! you have a pediatrician appointment coming up on january 17th. i can’t wait to see what your measurements are then!

every single day is an adventure with you as we fumble through our first time as parents. sometimes it feels overwhelming, but most of the time it is just plain FUN. you are getting happier, funnier, and more smiley with every minute. i can’t wait to see what month 6 has in store for our little family! we love you so much, boo bear.