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i had to post another video today because i finally caught some of her sweet smiles on camera.

today has been a hectic one. we are in the process of switching out our bedroom so sylvie can have her own room. i know it’s a little john and yoko to have a bed in the living room, but this is our best option at the moment. sylvie is going to bed earlier and earlier these days (her bedtime went from 11 to 9 in the span of a week), and neither travis nor i care to be confined to our bedroom at that hour. this way wiggle worm gets her own space and so do we. i think it’ll work out well! right now she’s asleep in her crib and we’re working on getting our bed put back together. wish us luck!

i’m back!

did you miss me? i thought so. i took a rather lengthy blogging hiatus to go out and live life. it was a fantastic 11 days that included a trip to pennsylvania, my first evening out without sylvie bear, my girl’s first halloween, getting a new iphone, and ample hang out time with my family and friends.

here is a taste of what you missed:

from my first evening out sans sylvie:

it feels good to be back! i promise to be less of a blogging flake from here on out.

12 weeks!

according to one of the pregnancy books i have, i am officially out of the first trimester.  however, the other claims that this won’t be so until week 14.  i’ve decided to meet in the middle and say that this is my LAST week in the first trimester!  so here they are, my last bump watch pictures of the first trimester!  wow, i looked tired in these!

i also snapped a quick family portrait this afternoon:

my boys are so handsome.

lime time!

i am 12 weeks today and baby is the size of a lime.  that just seems so HUGE to me.  baby L is developing reflexes, such as opening and closing those little hands, sucking in fluid and swallowing.  in addition to pooping in there, baby is also excreting urine.

in terms of my development, my uterus is now the size of a softball and will continue to grow at a rate of 1 cm a week.  if i press down low on my abdomen, right above the pubic bone, i can feel it.  it’s insane.  though the uterus is low, i am thickening and beginning to show much higher in the abdomen.  does anybody know why this is?  i’ll post a 12 week bump picture tomorrow so you can see what i mean.

yesterday, i had a stranger ask me if i’m pregnant.  this was a first!  it must mean that i’m not the only one to notice it!

i have felt great this week!  i haven’t been nauseous or thrown up (except for a very tiny bit) in 6 days!  i think the morning sickness is just about history.  VICTORY.IS.MINE.  my energy is starting to come back, but i still find i need more sleep than i did pre-pregnancy.  my big cravings have been potatoes with hot sauce, bagels and cream cheese, sour candy, pancakes, lasagna, and salads.  a crazy mix, no?

more than anything else this week, i have been hit with an overwhelming excitement and desire to meet this little one.  it’s all i can think about.  i can’t wait to see little S or E in travis’ arms.  when i think about what an amazing father he will be, i well up with emotion and love.  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, what we lack in space and money we more than make up for in LOVE.  it may be naive and romantic, but i think love really is all you need.