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apartment tour.

yesterday i was tagged by allie to share some of my favorite things about our little abode. it’s about time i gave a tour of our apartment!

these are a few of my favorite things:

auggie the doggie!

our books, especially my small collection of cookbooks.

our patchwork chair, complete with my favorite ikea pillow.

our giant yellow four-poster bed, always in a perpetual state of unmade-ness.

the kitchen, also known as my favorite room.

our little herb garden on the deck.

sylvia’s mobile above her crib. we’re still working on the rest of the drawings for it!

the pink parrot, which hangs over the other end of her crib. this belonged to me when i was little.

lastly, the view from our living room windows. i spend a lot of time looking out this window, at the trees, and daydreaming about sylvie.

there you have it! our tiny, happy, cozy apartment. sometimes i wish we had more room. i often wish we could move this apartment to another place. that said, at the end of the day this little one-bedroom is my sanctuary. this is my first home with my husband, the place where sylvie was made, and where we will bring her home. i will miss this place when we move next year.