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my last day.

i walked in to the store for my last day of work and was greeted with a surprise baby shower in the break room. i told you the people i worked with are great! i didn’t have my camera on me so these pictures are courtesy of my iphone and my favorite photo app, hipstamatic.

the cake was absolutely delicious and we received some beautiful gifts. i feel truly honored to have worked with all of these people. i got so many hugs, tummy pats, and well wishes tonight. my hormones got the best of me, and i ended up getting teary once or twice. i will really miss seeing these people everyday, but i am unbelievably excited to have this time to prepare for sylvie’s arrival.

travis and i are going to call it an early night. we have our one-day hospital childbirth class tomorrow from 9AM-6PM. yikes! i’m exhausted just thinking about it. goodnight and happy friday!

baby shower.

i’m back in indiana with travis and auggie. i miss all the excitement of spending time with family and friends, but i am happy to get back to my routine.

our baby shower was a great time! many props to my sister-in-law melissa for organizing it, my sister rachel for making all of the delicious food, and my parents for turning their house inside out for the day.

it’s a little tricky to see, but the banner says “sweet sylvie!”

our cake and cupcakes came from the slightly unfortunately named the master baker in west chester, pa.

this is but a small snapshot of the BOUNTY of healthy food my sister made for us.

we had a bunch of kids in attendance including all four of my nieces and nephews! melissa had the brilliant idea of renting a MOONBOUNCE! they had a great time.

my husband took this next picture. he loves wine (as much as i love beer) and he had a blast picking out the grapey libations for the party.

not pictured are the 3 cases of beer we had in coolers in the backyard. a MOONBOUNCE and delicious BEER? i was one jealous pregnant lady!

and now for some of the gifts!

a handmade knitted bunny from my BFF cara.

a sweet musical giraffe.

and a dr. seuss baby counting book!

unfortunately we didn’t get too many pictures of the gifts, but little sylvie got a lot of beautiful and awesome things!

some quality BFF time before the guests arrived.

cara took this at the “after party” when only a few people were still hanging out. notice i’m nice and cozy in my pajamas. i was a LONG, FUN day!

now that i’m home again, it’s back to taking care of business. tomorrow morning i have my next midwife appointment and my blood glucose tolerance test. i’m sure i’ll write a post all about the syrupy wonder that is glucola tomorrow. wish me luck!!

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pretty dresses.

sorry, folks.  there will be no bump picture tonight.  i have a roaring headache and am already in my pajamas for the night.  no getting dressed and putting on make-up for me tonight!  i promise i will take one tomorrow evening after work.  may as well wait until i have to look presentable anyway!

instead, i will show you the pretty maternity dresses i ordered!  i recently bought two dresses.  one is for my baby shower and the other is for my parents’ 40th anniversary party.  both will likely take place in the same weekend, sometime in june!  i found both of these dresses on asos.  i’m not sure which one i will wear to which event yet.  maybe you, dear readers, could help me decide?



i know it’s a little early to be buying dresses for june, but i saw these two and decided to jump on them.  they were cuter and cheaper than 95% of what i’ve seen out there.  travis is taking me out to a nice dinner next week to celebrate 4 years together.  i think i’ll test-drive the black one then.

i’m thinking the blue one for the shower and the black one for the anniversary party, but i would love to hear your input.  it is much appreciated!  i hope you have a good night.  i’ll be snuggling with auggie, watching men’s snowboard half-pipe, doing laundry, and trying to kick this headache/heartburn.  goodnight!