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quiet night.

today was a lazy day, and i don’t have much to blog about tonight.

all that has been on my mind today is the thought of meeting our baby.  i wonder what he/she will look like.  i keep tearing up just thinking about it.

a short post, i know, but i’m in a quiet kind of mood tonight.  my husband will be home from work soon.  all i want to do is crawl into bed with him, put my head on his chest, and thank him for just being him, for giving me this amazing blessing growing inside of me.  ok, i’m officially crying now.  goodnight, everyone.

pretty darn good.

today has been a pretty darn good day.  i have been craving green beans for days now, and finally satisfied that longing at dinner tonight.  more importantly, travis got one of the coveted teaching positions at his school!  next year he will be at the helm of fundamentals of drawing.


in another news, my mom is traipsing around hong kong with my aunt susan.  she emailed me the first pictures from her trip today.  here she is with a giant, technicolor lobster:

check that thing out!  i would love to tour the fish markets there.  i’m sure they’re incredible!  the next stop in their trip is china and then onto japan.  i photoshopped this picture (poorly) to get an idea of what my mom will look like on the great wall:

she looks happy.  this must be where i get my love of travel.  i hope our baby shares this trait.

tomorrow is the first day of my second trimester.  i have slowly been feeling better and growing bigger.  it feels good.  really, really good.  baby will be 13 weeks tomorrow.  i can hardly believe 9 weeks have passed since we found out about our little lime.  only 6 more weeks until we find out if lime is a boy or a girl.  i still think she’s a girl, and i’ve now had a few dreams to back this up.  only time will tell…

last night.

last night, after a very long night at work, i walked in to these:

and a beautiful hand-written card.   valentine’s day has never been one of my favorite holidays, but travis always makes it special.  we have been together for 4 years, and i couldn’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else.  by this time next year we’ll have a 6 month old to share in our love.  i can’t wait!


i apologize for my absence the last few days.  i’ve been extremely busy between work and catching up on my sleep.  sleeping in until 11 and working from 4pm-midnight isn’t really conducive to blogging.  i promise we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon enough.  until then, here is an awfully cute baby wearing an awfully cute hat:


will you look like your mama, baby?



just a moment ago i was eating pretzels while googling “hip maternity clothes”.  travis, on the other hand, was eating pretzels and googling “how to teach babies philosophy”, “how to teach babies to think critically”, and “is it possible to teach somebody how to think without implicitly teaching them what to think?”

he also managed to find this by googling “baby sommelier”:

whiskey tango foxtrot?

hello, baby.

dear baby,

your dad and i found out about you a little over two weeks ago, and it turned our world upside down.  you’ve only been inside of me for a month, but i already love you more than anything else in this world.  i can’t wait to meet you, baby.  we are going to have so much fun.

your mom