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34 weeks and 1 day.

sylvia finally dropped and it’s way better than i thought it would be. yes, there is now some insane weight in my pelvis, but the pain in my ribs has substantially decreased. it still burns like crazy when i get into bed for the night, but it is much better throughout the day. i’ll take it, waddle and all!

my parents are coming into town tomorrow for a weekend visit. we’re going to do some last minute shopping before sylvie arrives. at the very top of my list is a good breast pump. do the mamas out there have any recommendations? other than that i need a set of comfortable pajamas and a nightgown for the big day. one thing i love about our hospital is that they let you wear your own clothes all throughout labor and birth. i want to hit up target to get a long, super soft nightgown for that. i was so relieved to learn this! the hospital gown they gave me when i went in for my gallbladder was horrible. it tied in the back in big knots and still managed to expose my tuchus to the world.

other than shopping we’re planning on a nice dinner at travis’ restaurant and lots of quality family time. it’s been a super fun week with all the visitors coming and going. i can’t believe that the next time i see everyone will be after sylvie’s birth. i feel like there’s still so much to do, but i know it will all get done. travis and i are shifting a few pieces of furniture around tonight to make more open space in the living room. i think eliminating all that clutter and opening up the room will make me feel a lot better. it will also make me feel better to finish up this last illustration commission today so i can focus on more baby-related projects. her crocheted afghan has been awfully neglected the last few weeks.

the original purpose of this post was to show off some 34 week bump pictures. travis took these earlier this afternoon.

sylvie, i can tell that you’re getting cramped in there! just stick it out for 3 more short weeks. then you can come anytime you like! your papa and i can’t wait to meet you. it’s all we talk about these days, and we’re about to bubble over with excitement. stay healthy and strong and keep on growing! we can wait until you’re ready. i love you, baby girl.

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33 weeks and 3 days.

i’m about to leave for my last shift of (paid) work. before i do i wanted to share some bump pictures travis took today.

and now for my mind-blowing moment of the week. this is our new carton of milk:

it expires the day after sylvie’s due date. i know i’ve said it before, but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! speaking of time, i have to head out for my final shift as a bookstore employee. if my hormones let me make it through the night without tearing up i’ll be very surprised.

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31 weeks and 2 days.

travis and i had a lovely day off together. we slept in (i am taking full advantage of this while i can), went to my midwife appointment, saw a movie, made dinner, and went out for a coffee date.
my appointment went well. the results of the glucose test came back normal, though my iron is a little low. my midwife put me on an additional iron supplement called bifera. after my appointment we grabbed a late lunch and headed over to the movie theater. we saw eclipse, which i am only mildly ashamed about. it was pretty terrible, but we didn’t expect it to be a class A cinematic masterpiece. they don’t give out oscars for lip biting, kristen stewart.

case in point.

after dinner and our coffee date, travis and i snapped some pictures of each other around town and on our deck.  auggie doggie snuck into a few shots, too.

are any of my due date buddies also dealing with constant rib pain?  it feels like someone is twisting a burning knife into my rib cage 24/7.  is there anyone else who had or has this issue?  just curious.

i hope everyone had a great thursday!  before i forget, my etsy shop is now equipped for international orders!

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big belly and the time bandits.

as promised, here are some 30 week bump pictures. i even dressed up today! you will rarely find me in a dress unless there’s a special occasion going on or it’s scorching hot outside. in today’s case, it was the latter. south central indiana is a swelteringly humid 98 degrees with a heat index of almost 110. the only article of clothing i wear less than dresses is shorts. I HATE SHORTS and pants were not an option today. plus, i’m enjoying this pre-pregnancy dress while it still (sort of) fits.

as i said yesterday, this bump of mine is getting BIG.  our little girl is still head down, facing my back.  her feet are lodged in my ribs, which is only uncomfortable when i sleep, sit, bend over or breathe deeply.  no biggie.  she’s healthy.  i’m healthy.  travis and auggie doggie are healthy.  all is well here.

tomorrow travis and i are going to babies r us to take advantage of the wonderful combination that is coupons+gift cards.  we also have a gift card to target that needs our attention.  we’re planning to buy some of the smaller essential items that we didn’t get for our shower, such as a changing pad and cover and a few fitted crib sheets.  exciting!

it’s really beginning to feel like crunch time around here. i couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about everything we have left to do before sylvie’s arrival. she could be here, full term and perfectly healthy, in as little as 7 weeks. 7 WEEKS. say what?! the second trimester flew by and we’re already well into the third. what happened to all that time? riddle me that, time bandit(s)! side note: the best/worst movie ever.

speaking of time, it is now dinner time. ME WANT FOOD. happy wednesday! xoxo.

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we didn’t get done anything else on our list for tonight.  instead we got our butts out of the apartment and went to a cook-out at our friend’s house.  it was worth it.  i’ll make up for it tomorrow and saturday.  it’s been a long day and i’m exhausted.  here are some random bump pictures for your viewing pleasure.

from my point of view:

the last one is a bit cheesy, but we hardly have any pictures of the two of us!

BEDTIME.  goodnight!

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24 weeks and 4 days.

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bump day.

i haven’t posted a bump picture in almost 2 weeks! here i am today, at 24 weeks and 1 day:

i feel like my belly is changing everyday. i think auggie agrees!

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