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i had no intention of going this long without blogging. it just sort of happened. this past weekend was a busy one. my mom was in town friday and saturday to hang out and help out. on sunday we took our first small family road trip to cincinnati (a nice halfway point) to meet up with travis’ family for a picnic and to hand over auggie doggie for a little while. we found that with sylvie’s colic and travis’ schedule (two jobs+full time grad school) that our pup wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. enter my in-laws who offered to take him for a few weeks until sylvie’s colic passes and we settle in to our new hectic schedules. he is also getting some much needed training while he’s there. he has a few bad habits that need to be broken with a baby around. barking at another dog on TELEVISION while sylvie is napping (no easy feat) a few feet away will not do! luckily, he is generally very gentle around her. he can get a little over-excited from time to time and that is worrisome. he would NEVER intentionally hurt her, but he has almost jumped on her a few times out of excitement. the bottom line is that auggie is a good dog and with training he will be a great dog. thanks, mom and dad for helping to facilitate this!

colic, colic, COLIC. where do i start? i am home with her by myself six days a week, and she does not like to be put down. she is hurting and just wants to be cuddled. who can blame her? the good thing is that she is starting to go down much better at night thanks to a new bedtime routine and soothing methods.

nursing has been a nightmare lately. she tries so hard to nurse, but it triggers her gastrocolic reflex so strongly that she screams immediately after swallowing. it is an uphill battle to get her fed. thank goodness she will take pumped milk from a bottle with very little trouble. it is not ideal, but she gets breast milk one way or another and that it the most important thing. hopefully this will pass in another six weeks or so. we’re just taking it one feeding at a time and trying hard to read her cues to figure out what she needs. we are both trying our hardest. i am trying to be as patient as possible and she is trying her hardest to nurse successfully. as soon as she pushes off, she tries to re-latch. you can almost see the determination in her sweet little face. it breaks my heart to see her in pain like this. the three of us can’t wait for this to pass. in the meantime, i’m drinking a ton of organic mother’s milk tea to keep my supply up (it’s been a little on the low side for a week or two now) and filling the freezer with milk as much as my supply will allow. i can’t wait until i can nurse her exclusively again. sigh. we’re getting through it one day at a time.

back to that new bedtime routine. now that sylvie is approaching six weeks we’re keeping the same routine every night. at around 9 we give her a warm bath, a calming massage with some lotion, change her into her bed clothes, swaddle her, dim the lights, nurse or bottle feed her, turn on the white noise machine, and rock her until she is drowsy. all of this take us up to a 10:30 bedtime. we try to lay her down when she is very drowsy, but still a little awake so she’ll learn how to self soothe. we do not let her cry it out, nor do we plan to. however, we used to pick her up every time she fussed or cried. we now know that this is a step backward for her. now we walk over to her crib when she fusses and rub her back, shush her, and give her a pacifier until she calms herself back down. this method has made a world of difference in our home in just two nights. she went from sleeping for an hour at a time to going down the entire 3-4 hours between feedings. last night, for example, she slept from 11:15-3, 3:30-6:45, and 7:45-10:15. never has three consecutive hours of sleep felt so glorious! next we’re going to start working on naps during the day. our girl is NOT a good napper. she’ll fight sleep all day long every time we put her down. however, she will nap for hours at a time in the maya wrap. i LOVE babywearing (that deserves its own post), but there are certain things i just can’t do while wearing her (cook at the stove, shower, etc). any nap time tips are appreciated. wish us luck!

as for me, my incision is healed and i’ve finally (TMI ALERT) stopped bleeding. the emotional scars left behind by my c-section, however, are another matter. this too deserves its own post. it’s a post that is difficult to write, and i have been putting it off. i want to write it out for catharsis and i will…soon.

okay. enough of that. it’s time for me to sneak in a shower while travis is home to hang out with milky-moo (her newest nickname). have a happy tuesday!

white noise.

really, sylvie? that’s all it takes for you to sleep more, nurse better, and stop fussing? my old white noise machine? REALLY?

this white noise machine deserves a medal of honor for its tour of duty. when i lived in baltimore it drowned out the drunk college kids, the adolescent dirt bike gangs, and the occasional gun shot or two. now it calms my colicky baby. talk about range!

this morning sylvie nursed for twenty minutes without grunting and pushing me away. she hasn’t nursed this well in almost a week. travis turned the white noise machine off for a second during this nursing session. she immediately began to fuss, grunt, and push my breast away. he turned it back on and she calmed down and ate normally. i guess we’ll be listening to a rain storm for a little while around here.

in addition to this gift from god (or bed bath and beyond), we also purchased a maya wrap ring sling yesterday. she LOVES this carrier. she slept in it for almost two hours yesterday while i used both of my hands (what a novelty!) to do some dishes and make myself dinner. i can’t wait to take her for a walk in it! the maya wrap brings her carrier total up to THREE. she is still a little small and lacks the head control for the baby bjorn. i’ve tried to use the moby wrap several times, but i can never seem to get it right. it doesn’t feel tight enough or something. any advice on that? for now this sling seems to be what works. plus, look at all of those colors!

she loves the tummy to tummy position it in. i love the nursing position and that it doubles as a nursing cover. i sense many walks around the park in our immediate future.

colic: what a bummer.

that’s right. cheeks is currently experiencing a bout with the dreaded C. after 4 consecutive days of non-stop fussing, we took her to the pediatrician. he said everything we had described from the difficulty breast feeding to the clinginess is classic colic. we left with a prescription for some tummy drops. i just gave sylvie her first dose, and i hope that it helps.

poor girl. last night was terrible for her. i could tell she was in so much pain, but travis and i were powerless to help. she is not a screamer. she is a back-arching über grunter. this little girl will writhe and grunt until her face is tortured and beet red. she won’t take the breast very well at the moment. as soon as she latches she will push off and commence with the aforementioned über grunting. as a result we’ve had to pump and bottle feed her a few times a day. i hate doing it (breast feeding is my favorite thing ever), but girl needs to eat! she will take down over 4 ounces from a bottle, but only feed directly from me for 10-15 minutes at a time. luckily, at almost 4 weeks, breast feeding was well established. she has not had any nipple confusion and will switch back and forth with ease.

on the positive side, she has gained over a pound since her 2 week check-up. that’s 17 ounces in 10 days for a grand total of 7 pounds 5 ounces.

i had better run. cheeks is beginning to fuss for her dinner. any advice and wisdom on colic would be much appreciated!