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i’ve got it BAD.

by it i mean the nesting instinct. it kicked in, out of nowhere, at work last night. it was a slow night so i picked up a dust rag. i must have dusted every stinkin’ shelf in the store. well, every shelf waist level or higher. my days of bending over are long gone.

but was i done? NO. when i got home i just had to clean the kitchen floor. not just any kind of clean, but a diamond-sparklin’-you-could-eat-nacho-cheese-off-of-it kind of clean. this was a process with many steps.

STEP 1: using the hose attachment, vacuum the baseboards, perimeter, and underneath the cabinets and fridge.
STEP 2: swiffer the floor.
STEP 3: swiffer wet-jet the floor.
STEP 4: swiffer wet-jet the floor AGAIN.
STEP 5: one linoleum square at a time, use seventh generation disinfectant wipes and thoroughly wipe down the floor by hand. buff each square dry with a cloth as you go.
STEP 6: again, one square at a time, spray with clorox greenworks kitchen cleaner (with bleach), wipe down, and buff dry.
STEP 7: swiffer wet-jet the floor AGAIN.
STEP 8: put on clean socks to walk through the kitchen to the freezer to retrieve an ice pack.
STEP 9: place ice on ribs and fall asleep watching lost.

WHO THE HECK AM I? i’m sure my mom is reading this and thinking that i’m a pod person or that someone with a sick sense of humor highjacked my wordpress account. oh yeah, i almost forgot the best part of the story. auggie the doggie, that lovable little scamp, took a massive poop on the kitchen floor today. thanks a lot, jerk dog. to ease my frustrations i went out a got myself a haircut and a pedicure. sometimes a girl just needs to be pampered! normally i’m not much of a pay for a pedicure person, but it’s sandal season and i can’t reach my feet. i also can’t complain about the complimentary calf and foot massage!

in other news, tomorrow is my last day of work. it’s a bit bittersweet. i’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter, but i love the people i work with. i’ve never worked a job where i genuinely like every other employee. i’m really looking forward to taking sylvie in there every wednesday morning for story time! that chapter in my life is over and the next is just beginning. it’s exciting and scary and a bit overwhelming, but i have never looked more forward to anything.

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