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we’re finished!

after a smooth start and a rough middle, the crib is finished!

and the proud papa, who only teared up a little, standing by his handiwork:

things are really coming together. it’s a amazing how a simple thing can make me feel so much more prepared to welcome this new life.

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p.s. aren’t all of her little animal friends adorable? obviously, they are in the crib only for picture purposes. we will move them to a safer place once she arrives!

what we’re up to tonight.

this is what travis is working on:

that’s right! he is putting sylvie’s beautiful crib together as i type this. i can’t wait to see it when he finishes!

this is what i am working on:

since i am now too cumbersome to help with the construction of her crib, i’ve decided to work on a drawing for her.

i really can’t imagine a better saturday night!

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here is the crib we decided on for sylvie:

lollipop crib by ap industries.

my husband’s parents were very generous and bought it for us yesterday.  thanks, mom and dad hinkle!!!  i love it.  it’s simple, classic, and perfect for our daughter.  OUR DAUGHTER.  it still blows my mind to be able to write that and say it out loud.

we ordered our changing table today.  it will arrive in about 2 weeks!

south shore changing table from babies r us.

we also picked out our bookcases.  we’re going to take a trip out to the ikea outside of cincinnati to pick them up in about a month.  we’re planning a trip to ohio then to visit trav’s parents, anyway.

expedit bookcase and shelving unit from ikea.

it feels great to have all of the basic elements of the nursery picked out!  we’re almost halfway there, and i’m starting to feel the pressure to get organized!  i think the nesting phase has officially begun.  i am so in love with our little girl.

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last night, while wasting time on the internet, i came across this:

“modern world map” print, via these are things.

and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  yellow and aqua.  and just like that, travis and i decided on the colors for little k’s nursery.  they are absolutely perfect!  it’s gender neutral to start, but with the right accents thrown in it can become decidedly feminine or masculine.  to me these colors are sunny, warm, and so wonderfully happy.  of course, this snowballed into me spending all night on my computer, seeking out the perfect matching components.

first of all, the crib.  you may remember this crib in espresso from this post.  now we’re thinking we might like it better in white:

crib by simmons, via buy buy baby.

i quickly found the perfect crib set on target’s website, which is perfect for a boy or a girl:

crib set via migi, available at target.

our nursery space has a nice-sized window, which faces where the crib will be.  this, of course, necessitates curtains:






curtains via: 1.  bed bath and beyond, 2.  modcloth, 3 & 4.  urban outfitters, 5.  land of nod

we  will likely live in our current apartment for less than a year after the baby is born.  this, coupled with expenses, makes us unwilling to paint the space.  the perfect compromise are these wall decals, which are easily removable and reusable:

alphabet wall decals via threadless for blik.

now for all of those little extras!

clock via modcloth.

wooden arabian rocking horse by plan toys, via bloume baby.

poster via studio violet.

random vintage print.

so there you have it!  these items are the inspiration for little k’s nursery.  travis and i love every single item listed here and can’t wait to start putting it all together!

the nursery.

travis and i live in a 730 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment.  that doesn’t leave a ton of room for a nursery.

here is our apartment’s floorplan:

the part i’ve highlighted in red will be our baby’s nursery.  as you can see, it measures roughly 11.5ft by 7ft. and is open to the rest of the apartment.  we’re going to have to be creative with the space.  this means multi-functional furniture, and nothing too big or elaborate (not our style anyhow).

we have only just begun our search for a crib and changing table, which is likely all that will be in the nursery space.  luckily, we have a coat closet, which we don’t keep much in, for storage.  we are also thinking about building/purchasing some sort of bookcase or storage cubes, which will come out from the wall, by our bedroom door.  this should act to delineate the space a bit more.  something like this, but smaller:

here is our favorite crib so far:

it converts into a toddler bed.  it’s honestly difficult to find a crib that doesn’t.  we want a fairly unisex crib, preferably in an espresso finish, so we can use it for future children.  i love how simple this is, but it still has some beautiful details present.

i love the matching changing table, too:


as you can see, it converts into a twin-sized bed.  it’s all about bang for the buck.

as far as a theme is concerned, neither of us like anything too matchy-matchy.  we’re thinking about framing some of the drawings we did as kids for the walls.  i prefer really personal touches like that over something from babies-r-us.  if our little grape turns out to be a little girl, her room will most likely not be all pink and frilly.  i’ve found one crib set that i LOVE for a girl:

i absolutely love the graphic black and white against the soft, delicately feminine pink poppies.  it also doesn’t hurt that the poppy is my favorite flower, and the polka dots are the icing on the cake!  AND it’s a totally affordably priced.  WHAM!

that’s all we have so far, but we still have 7+ months to pick everything out.  it’s a quiet, snowy evening here in indiana.  auggie and i are snuggled up on the couch, watching tv, eating pasta, and staying out of the cold.