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your first pictures.

dear baby,

today we got to see and hear you for the first time.  we could just make out your head and one of your little arms.  your heartbeat was so fast.  i knew it would be, but 164 beats per minute sounds like a tiny helicopter!  your dad and i can’t stop looking at these pictures of you.  you’re so amazing, baby.  we love you so much.

mom and dad

hello, little one.

i don’t believe we have formerly introduced ourselves.  we are your parents.

our names are sara and travis, though you can call us mom and dad (or any variation thereof).

there are a few things you should know about us:

1.  we are both artists (an illustrator and a painter, respectively), and you will probably spend a lot of time in a studio.  side note:  paint is not for eating.

2.  we love to travel and have some big plans in the works for future trips.  so be prepared to be bundled up, strapped in, and taken along for the ride!

3.  we both have a strong love for interesting and varied (including the grisly bits of things) foods.  you will likely be forced to try some things you don’t like.  i promise you will thank us in the end.  side note:  if you decide to become a vegetarian for a year in college, i promise i will not bring it up as a way to poke fun at you later.  nor will i include it in the toast at your wedding (thanks, dad).

4.  we are going to read to you every night.  no exceptions.  get used to it.

5.  family is the the most important thing in the world to us.  we are both exceptionally close to our parents, and i hope you love us half as much.  if at 14, you decide you’re too cool for us, please know that we will always be there for you when you need us.  we were cool once, too:


dear baby,

you sure must love mexican food because queso has never tasted better!  you take after your father that way.