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3 months.

my dear sylvie,

yesterday you turned 3 months old. i think that this month has been the best so far. you’ve begun to develop quite the personality! you smile often now, especially when your daddy or i lock eyes with you. i think you can really recognize us now. it is the best feeling in the world.

all of this engaging with the world around you has caused you quite a bit of trouble when it comes to napping. lately it is almost impossible to get you to nap because of how into everything you are. you would much rather look around, bat at things, and listen to us talk than sleep. you are awfully fussy and over-tired by the end of each day! that said, your night time sleep schedule has gotten much more predictable. you regularly “sleep through the night” (as in, 5 or more hours at a time). you go to bed around 8:30, sleep until 1:30 or 2, and go down again until 7 or so. one night last week you slept from 9:30-5 and again from 5:45-9! we really appreciate the extra rest, wiggle worm.

all of this extra sleep you’re getting makes for some super playful mornings. you are generally content to hang out in your play gym with your “friends” for an hour or so every morning. you love being on your back, but you fight tummy time with a vengeance. as soon as we lay you on your stomach, you start to cry. i think you don’t like it because you can’t look around freely. i hate to break it you, kiddo, but tummy time is important. keep trying!

this was also the month that you got your own room. your daddy and i sleep in the living room now. it’s not difficult to see who rules this roost! the arrangement has already made everyone’s lives easier. one thing we’ve learned about your sleep habits is that you need a dark, quiet place to snooze. sleeping in the living room, which has 4 large windows, just wasn’t cutting it.

we celebrated your 3 month birthday by having some friends and their 6 week old son over for dinner. you were a little fussy, but still smiley and sweet the whole evening. you fell asleep in our bed during a rousing game of apples to apples. we said goodbye to our company at 8 and put you in your crib.

we continued the celebration today with a trip to the park. you napped in your stroller the whole time, but your daddy and i had fun. we made a few loops around the park and snapped some pictures. it is a beautiful november day today. i’m afraid this will be one of our last warm days before winter settles in and takes up residence here. i will miss our time at the park. it was the first family outing we took together, and it has been a weekly tradition for the last 3 months. i can’t wait for winter to pass and spring to return. you’ll be such a fun age by then! this particular park has a great community pool. i think we’ll spend some time there next summer before we leave this little town.

these 3 months have come and gone. they have dragged endlessly and sped by quickly. everyday we watch you grow and change. i can’t wait to see what the next 3 months have in store for us. being your mother is just so much fun, baby girl. we love you without limit or condition. you have changed our lives for the better.

with all the love in my heart,

2 months.

my dear sylvie,

today you are 2 months old. i’m not going to lie, today was a crummy day. BUT the fantastic thing about days is that they eventually end. every morning is a fresh start, a new chance to try again.

this last month has flown by. we have done and learned so much. we took our first family vacation together. you graced us with your first real, definitely-not-caused-by-gas smile. it was an amazing moment. i fed you, burped you, and laid you down on my lap. i looked into your eyes, smiled and said hello. you smiled back not once, not twice, but three times. THREE huge, gummy smiles. i loved every single second of it.

this month you became the master of the bumbo. by master i mean that you will sit in it for 30 seconds before screaming. those first 30 seconds are awfully cute, though.

another big development this month is that you’ve gone from multiple night feedings to just one. you also go down to sleep much more easily. we have our routine, and we stick to it. we put you down for the night around 11, and you usually sleep until 3:30 or 4 and again until 7. some nights you still require 2 feedings and a little more attention, but more often than not you let us get some rest. we appreciate it, milky. we really do.

do you know what my favorite time of day is with you? it is your morning nap. for a few weeks now you’ve been taking a regular nap from 9 to 11 in the morning. i bring you into bed with me and we snuggle and sleep together for the whole 2 hours. you always look so sweet and so peaceful, bathed with the morning light streaming through the bedroom window. i love watching you sleep and hearing you sigh, while i wonder what fills your dreams.

you amaze me everyday, sweet girl. we are learning more about each other with every passing second. i am learning to distinguish your cries, and it has made mothering you much easier. i know now when you need food, rest, attention, and a dry tush. your needs and wants are so simple now. i wonder how long it will stay this way. my guess is that this time will be fleeting, as time often is.

i love being your mother, sylvie. everyday brings new joys and new challenges. in 2 short months i’ve already nearly forgotten what our lives were like before you were born. all of that is a distant, faded memory, like trying to look through frosted glass. you, little girl, have made our lives so much better. so much more joyful. so much more challenging. so much more complete. we love you so very much and that will never change. i never knew what true love was before i met you.

with all the love in my heart,

one month.

dear sylvie,

yesterday we celebrated one month with you. one month as a family of three. your daddy and i can’t decide whether this month has been the longest or the shortest time of our lives, but the days do fly by when everything fits into three hour increments. eat, poop, sleep. (i’d like to see julia roberts star in that movie!)

sylvie, it is an honor to be your mother. i love watching you take in the world around you. your eyes are beginning to focus on our faces, your hands and the pages of the books we read. speaking of those eyes, we are still trying to decide what color they will be. they are getting lighter and looking bluer everyday. i was so sure they would be brown in the days after your birth. your dad always insisted they would turn blue. daddy won that round!

this first month together has been all about taking life one day at a time. we are learning as we go along, and i apologize for any mistakes we’ve made so far. try not to hold those against us, okay? the colic has been particularly trying, but we’ll get through it together. we’re slowly figuring out what works to soothe you. white noise+your pacifier+holding you tummy to tummy seems to be the magic equation. i have also cut out dairy as an attempt to keep your sweet little tummy from bloating. i think it’s helping.

you are our sunshine, sweet girl. you are the tiny being that contains all of my hopes and dreams. you have transformed us from a couple to a family. you have increased the love in this tiny apartment exponentially. you are the piece that was missing all along. we just didn’t know it until now. we love you so much and we can’t wait to see what the next month will bring.

with all of the love in my heart,
your mom

2 weeks.

dearest sylvie,
i can’t believe we’ve already been a family of three for two weeks. where has the time gone? you are growing bigger everyday, feeding like crazy, and sleeping when you feel like it. we’re living our lives on your terms and we couldn’t be happier, greasy hair and all. we fall more in love with you every single day, cheeks.

today we took our first family outing. we went to the bookstore where i used to work and showed you off to some of my former co-workers. you slept peacefully the entire time as we drank our coffees and read our magazines. you are so content no matter whose arms you wake up in.

in the last few days you’ve become much more alert. you spend whole chunks of time with your eyes open, taking in the world around you. your daddy and i try to seize these moments to read you stories. you’re beginning to really focus on the pictures as we read.

your daddy and i are simply over the moon for you. we can’t wait to watch you grow and change. we love you so very much.

25 weeks.

dear sylvie,

we’ve made it to 25 weeks, baby girl! i can’t believe how quickly the second trimester had come and (nearly) gone. everyday we get closer to your arrival, and it’s all i can think about. i can’t wait to hold you in my arms, feed you, and change even your most rancid diapers. this whole thing is one enormous adventure, and i hope you bear with us as we figure it all out. i can’t promise you we won’t make mistakes, but i can promise that you will be loved beyond all measure.

this has been the week that you’ve really started kicking me hard and often. i feel you moving constantly throughout the day. if it’s been a while since your last poke, i need only to tap my belly softly and you’re quick to respond with a nudge or a kick. i consider these small, daily interactions to be our first conversations, and i treasure them.

i read somewhere that you can now be soothed by the sound of my voice. i’ve really taken this to heart and have tried to keep my tone calm and happy. your daddy, on the other hand, has had the unhappy task of scolding auggie and shushing him when he barks. sometimes i worry about how you and auggie doggie will get along, but something tells me you’ll both be okay. just look at that furry, little face.

look on the bright side, if he is a jerk to you, you’ll easily outweigh him within your first month!

your nursery is really coming to together! we have all of your furniture and need only to finish putting it all together. i’m handling the bookcases, but your daddy wants to build your crib for you. he’s so excited for it! i can just tell. i hope you can sense how much he loves you already. you know that deep voice you hear reading you bedtime stories? that’s him. every time you kick or make my stomach jump and he catches it, his whole face lights up. you’re a daddy’s girl already. it’s territory i know well. you, my little sylvie, have a wonderful father. he will always be there for you no matter what and will love you without limit or condition. he already does.

you are one lucky little girl. in addition to the two of us (three if you count auggie doggie), you also have four grandparents who are already over the moon about you. you are your grammy and poppy’s first grandchild and one of very few girls in the family. it won’t take much for you to bat your little eyes and get whatever you want. don’t abuse the privilege! your nana and pop-pop, on the other hand, already have four grandkids, your cousins tessa, sophie, sam and zack. don’t for one second think that they are any less excited for your arrival! your nana and i talk almost everyday about you and i know your pop-pop can’t wait to meet you!

it’s time for me to take your furry big brother for a little walk and make a nice healthy dinner. i hope you like turkey burgers with oven fries! i know i do! we love you so much, little girl. though i can’t wait to meet you, please stay in there a little longer. 12-15 more weeks should just about do it! keep on kickin’, sylvie.