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dream labor.

i had my first labor dream last night and it was RIDICULOUS.  it all started out at tomorrow’s midwife appointment.  she did another internal and sent me immediately over to the hospital without telling me anything else.  later on in the dream i asked her how effaced i was.  her answer was “250%”.  HA.  she also baked a GIANT jam-filled cupcake for sylvie’s birth-day.  consequently travis and i spent much of my dream labor arguing about whether or not the cupcake was done in the middle:

travis:  but it’s gooey in the middle!
me: it’s filled with JAM, travis. JAM.

and so on and so forth.

in all of the cupcake craziness, i forgot to call my own mother!  sorry, mom!  i promise that won’t happen in real life.  i called her at 4:05 pm and told her to get on the 6:00 pm flight.  HA again.  i never got to the actual birth.  my alarm went off when i was 2 centimeters dilated and 300% effaced.  what?!  i told you it was ridiculous.

as far as my impending non-dream labor goes, things seem to be progressing. according to askdrsears.com, i currently have 6 of the 8 “signs that labor is near”. those signs are as follows:

1. the baby has dropped. check. she is engaged and rubbing my cervix with every step i take.

2. frequent urination. check. i got up to use the restroom a whopping 5 TIMES in 7 hours last night.

3. low backache. check. this one comes and goes, but today i had a hefty contraction accompanied by a backache.

4. stronger braxton hicks contractions. check. i am getting them constantly and they have definitely gotten longer, stronger, and begun to hurt a little bit. i had one today that lasted for over 2 minutes!

5. diarrhea. CHECK. TMI ALERT: i have had it every single day for the last week. i have also had a fair amount of diarrhea-like cramps not accompanied by the actual act. the hormone that causes this to happen can also cause nausea. i have been nauseous intermittently and actually threw up the other night.

6. TMI! TMI! TMI! increased vaginal discharge. check. enough said.

now for the signs i haven’t yet experienced:

7. the bloody show. not all women experience this sign, so i’m not sure how reliable it is.

8. the infamous water breaking. again, not all women have this before the onset of labor. in fact, the number of women who do hovers somewhere in the 10-15% range.

so my question for all of the mamas out there is this: WHAT SIGNS DID YOU HAVE RIGHT BEFORE THE ONSET OF LABOR? i know it is different for every woman. i’m just curious to see if anyone’s experiences line up with mine.

our weekly midwife appointment is tomorrow afternoon and i can’t wait to see if i’ve made any progress *ahem* down there. i’ll report back.

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earthquake! (not really.)

i woke up around 3 o’clock this morning thinking i was in the middle of an earthquake. i was tired, disoriented, and my whole body was vibrating and shaking. it turns out it was just sylvie doing a very spastic dance in my belly! it was bizarre to say the least.

i have a prenatal message booked for tomorrow afternoon. i am beyond excited. travis has been telling me to get one for a while, but i wanted to wait until i got really pregnant. well guess what, folks? i am really pregnant! i’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow, which means only 3 more weeks until sylvie is full term and 6 more until her due date.

speaking of that due date, i’m fairly convinced she will make her debut a little early. it may just be wishful thinking, but i have had a few dreams that she will be born on august 24th. the nurse who taught our childbirth class said she sees a spike in births during a full moon. travis’ grandfather, an OB-GYN, said the same thing. i just found out that august’s full moon is on the 24th. coincidence? maybe. then again, maybe not. only time will tell. as long as she’s healthy i could care less whether she comes early, on time or late. however, i would prefer if she didn’t hang out in there long enough to be induced. my midwife and i will try every natural method of induction first (herbs, essential oils, walking, etc.), but she won’t wait longer than two weeks past due to start medical interventions. i was over two weeks late and travis was 6 days early. baby girl, this would be a good time to start taking after your daddy! in fact, just go ahead and take after your daddy. he’s patient, kind, and can sleep anywhere and through anything. i, on the other hand, am irritable and an extremely light sleeper. eh, who am i kidding? you will be perfect no matter what.


we had a wonderful visit with travis’ parents. they were kind enough to get us sylvie’s pack-n-play (which will also be her bassinet), a boppy pillow, and some other adorable baby items. we had a great time with them and i can’t wait to see them again after the birth.

later on this week my parents are coming in for a visit, too! my mom got us an elective 4D ultrasound for a a first mother and father’s day present. travis and i are beyond excited to see our little girl again on thursday! my practice doesn’t perform a third trimester ultrasound unless complications arise. this means that we have only seen sylvie twice, the last time being 15 weeks ago. i hope we get a good look at her chubby little face! the ultrasound tech told me that 34 weeks is the perfect time for facial picture. she won’t be super duper squished yet, but she’ll have a fair amount of baby fat on those cheeks. i really can’t wait!

now i think it’s time for a couple of hipstamatic nursery pictures!

i have a lot of work to get done (illustration commissions and cleaning) before our next batch of visitors. i had better hop to it!