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feeling funny.

i woke up at 6 o’clock this morning feeling a bit strange. travis and i got some breakfast and, after talking to my mom, decided to call my midwife’s office to see if we could move our 2:45 appointment up. i spoke to a very nice nurse at the office who told me to come in as soon as possible for a labor check. we were at the office 20 minutes later. the midwife came in to do another internal. it looks like my instincts were right. i am currently sitting tight at 80% effaced and 4 centimeters dilated. little sylvie is holding tight at 0 station.

i have been having some painful contractions since yesterday afternoon, but nothing strong or at regular intervals. my midwife gave me two options. 1. if i was uncomfortable enough she could break my water and get things started. 2. i could go home and wait it out for what could be another day or another week.

i chose door #2. at only 36 weeks and 2 days there is no need to do anything other than let nature take its course. i’m at home now resting up, carb loading, staying hydrated, and finishing up my last pre-baby illustration commission. my plan is to continue to take it easy and try to nap later in case sylvie decides tonight’s the night. between you and me, i think we’ll make the move into active labor sometime in the next 24-48 hours. i’m feeling too funny today to think that i’ll go another week.

stay tuned! i’ll post again if things pick up later.

blast off?

i just got home from my 35 week midwife appointment, where i had my first internal exam. it turns out that i am 1 centimeter dilated, 80% effaced, and sylvie’s head is engaged at zero station.

yeah. i was a little surprised. in light of this news, my sister-in-law is flying up from texas to be with me in travis’ absence. the midwife was unconcerned about my progress, but still very adamant that someone be with me just in case. the way i figure it is, nothing will happen if i have a good plan B in place. if i don’t arrange for other plans, sylvie will probably waltz on out. if the forecast predicts rain and i carry an umbrella, nothing ever happens. in either case i’ll stay dry.