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i’ve had a few questions on my formspring regarding our wedding.  it is still hard to for me to put what our wedding was like into words.  it was the most beautiful day of my life.  once again, i’ll let pictures do the talking.  the following photographs are courtesy of our incredible photographer, geoffrey horowitz of leapfrog photography in media, pennsylvania.

the ceremony site:

a close up of our flowers:

my dress (i would wear it again in a heartbeat):

my parents:

my handsome groom:

walking down the aisle:

stomping the glass at the end of the ceremony:


our first dance to the song, “better”, written and performed live by our friend, brian salcido:

the mother/son dance to “beautiful boy” by john lennon:

my nieces, sophie and tessa, who were my flower girl and junior bridesmaid, respectively:

the hora!:

travis’ cousins gettin’ down:

our cake topper:

our getaway car:

a beautiful day:

there are so many more pictures i could share with you, but that would be a MONSTROUS post (our photographer gave us a cd with over 900 pictures).  it was the most amazing day of my life, and being surrounded by the people who love us most was incredible.  the decorations, food, music, etc. made the day awesome, but our family and friends made it unforgettable.

just a quick note…

…to say that i’ve noticed a spike in readership over the last few days.  if this is your first visit, WELCOME!  i’m so glad you stopped by!  if you’ve been a daily visitor (here’s looking at you, mom and dad), then welcome back!  THANK YOU so much for supporting this little corner of the internet.  auggie the doggie appreciates your support, too!

don’t hesitate to visit my formspring page and ask anything you want!  as long as it’s appropriate, i’ll do my best to answer thoroughly and honestly.  and, if you like what you see here, don’t forget to click the button to the right to cast a vote for me on top baby blogs.  we’re getting so close to breaking into the top 100, and it’s all thanks to you!

i hope you all have a pleasant monday night.  the husband and i are going to settle in and prepare for tomorrow’s snowfall.  goodnight.

10 weeks, less than 7 months.

today our kumquat is exactly 10 weeks old.  he/she has doubled in size in the last 3 weeks and is due to double again in the next 3.  in two weeks, our kumquat will be a lime!  A LIME!  kumquat’s major systems are now in place, but will continue to develop over the next 30 weeks.  little k is also getting ready to make his/her first poop!  this part blows my mind.  this little guy is pooping inside me?  WHAT!?

in less gross news, my developing placenta has taken some of the hormonal burden from me.  this means i am eating more and throwing up less!  HUZZAH!  those other less than comfortable 1st trimester symptoms, such as soreness and fatigue, should start to subside in the next few weeks.  i am anxiously awaiting that burst of energy everyone talks about.  more than anything, i am ready to start showing.  i can’t wait to have some tangible physical evidence of little k.  from what i’ve read, i’ll likely wake up sometime in the next month and suddenly have a small bump.

on an unrelated note, keep those formspring questions coming!  i’ve had a great time answering them.  also, please keep clicking the top baby blogs button in the sidebar to the right.  we’re really moving up in the ranks, and it’s all thanks to you!  you can click everytime you visit if you care to.  travis and i really appreciate your support.  thank you!