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those poor puppies.

since it is almost impossible to predict labor, i’ve decided to make a list of other upcoming events that have me excited.

1. travis and i will be celebrating our very first wedding anniversary on august 16th. we have no big plans. if little sylvie hasn’t made her grand entrance yet, i would like to cook a nice, gourmet dinner at home. i’m thinking pan-seared sea scallops (travis’ favorite fruit de mer). i’m still working out the preparation and accompaniments in my head. i know i will be making a lemon tart for dessert. it’s his absolute favorite and so affordable and easy to make.

2. the night before our anniversary is the comedy central roast of david hasselhoff. from baywatch to death watch. but seriously, do NOT hassle the hoff.

3. i snuck in an appointment to get my hair trimmed and dyed back to my natural color (brown) tomorrow morning. my roots are looking terrible and i will not have the time for nor the interest in the upkeep red requires. i’m looking forward to not having to worry about it for a while.

4. i actually can’t think of anything else not involving sylvie or labor. so let’s get this straight. besides our anniversary and meeting my baby, i’m most looking forward to the televised cable network roast of a has been and a hair cut? SAD.

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another quick post before work.

today sylvie and i are 27 weeks!

the bump:

i also dyed my hair a little bit darker. i used the same safe-for-preggos vegetable based dye as before, but in a darker color. it’s almost burgundy and i love it! i also got a small trim so it’ll look good for our baby shower in 10 days!!! i can’t wait to see my family and friends!

i have to motor! bye!

due date.

my official due date is august 31st. travis and i have had fun guessing when little s will make her big debut. for no reason in particular the dates august 24th and september 4th have been stuck in my head. call it intuition if you like. it’s the same feeling i got, early on, when i just knew we were going to have a girl. if i had to guess, i would put my money on one of the those two days. what’s your best guess?

we also spend a lot of time talking about what she’ll look like. we did a rough punnett square to determine her eye color and got a 50/50 chance of her having either blue or brown eyes. i have a feeling, perhaps more intuition, that she will have her dad’s dark hair and eyes and my pale skin. what do you think her hair and eye colors will be?

travis and i have a rare evening off together tonight. we’re going to spend it eating popcorn and watching lost. i hope everyone has a very happy saturday night!

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