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oh no!

i was so preoccupied with trying to get darling lark up and running yesterday that i completely forgot about wardrobe wednesday! i guess it’s another thoroughly stylish thursday.

TST is a little different this week. instead of an outfit, i am choosing to show off sylvie’s halloween costume. i finally got some good pictures of her in it. as in, she’s not flailing and/or crying. these were taken at a pumpkin patch the day before halloween. enjoy my little penguin!

11 weeks.

i finished sylvie’s halloween costume this morning!

hat: baby gap, everything else: handmade by me

i am IN LOVE with her first halloween costume. it took me forever to finish because it is all hand stitched. i don’t own a sewing machine (i’m not even sure where i would put one in this place), but it is well worth having sore fingers. i can’t wait to take pictures of her in it at the pumpkin patch next weekend.