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the columbus zoo.

travis, sylvie and i are in ohio to celebrate the upcoming holiday with my in-laws. today was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees, so we spent the afternoon and evening at the zoo. (you may recall that the last time we tried to go to the zoo, my gallbladder intervened.) every year, around the holidays, the columbus zoo extends their hours until 9 at night and covers everything with christmas lights. sylvie slept for most of our visit, but woke just in time to see the trees light up. so pretty. i took over 60 pictures during the 3 hours we spent there. these are my (20+) favorites.

a pleasant sunday (in photos).

the new view from our bed, bright and early. i think daylight savings exists solely to screw with infants and new parents.

travis’ face at this early hour.

good morning, smiley!

she took a short morning nap after a walk in the cold with her daddy.

auggie took a nap, too.

we made the drive up to indianapolis for lunch at a delicious little french cafe.

i caught this curious little boy looking at sylvie, but he looked away before i could capture the moment.

we’re back home after a long, fun day.

today was the type of sunday that makes you wonder what exactly you’ve done to deserve such contentment. my sweet girl turns 3 months old tomorrow. i’m not sure why, but this small birthday seems like such a big deal to me. perhaps it’s because she’s one quarter of a year or because everyone says it gets markedly more fun once you pass the 3 month mark. whatever the reason, i am in awe of the passing of time once again. how can 3 months feel so brief and so long all at once?

**all of the above photos were taken with my iphone with the help of hipstamatic, tiltshift generator, instagram, and cameraone.

iphone part deux.

(ok. this one was taken with the point and shoot, but i’m so happy she finally enjoys her swing.)