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14 weeks (and 1 day)!

yesterday marked 14 weeks and my official transition into the second trimester!  this week our little baby is the size of a lemon.  HOLY HECK THAT SEEMS SO BIG TO ME!  i’m really looking forward to feeling movement in there.  i think i may have felt a first little flutter the other day, but i’m not sure.  it felt like a brief little flutter, like butterfly wings.  soon enough i’ll be wide awake at night while this little one kicks away!

i’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately.  i think my morning sickness, which had all but disappeared, is back for the time being.  this is disappointing, to say the least.  oh well.  chin up!  at least the round ligament pain i experienced yesterday did not resurface today.  that was worse than any amount of vomiting/nausea.

as you can probably tell, i’ve experienced basically every common physical symptom of pregnancy.  from vomiting to fatigue to pain, i’ve had them all.  fortunately, i have been emotionally stable.  i did not expect this.  i cry at the drop of a hat when not pregnant, but have only had a couple irrational crying jags so far.  of course, one of those was last night, right after i got done bragging to travis about my emotional stability.  ho hum.  however, this version of this song never fails to elicit a few tears:

stay tuned for a new bump picture tomorrow!


we are buying this.  click the track titles to hear a preview.  i’m not sure if this is amazing or awful, but i figure it beats hearing brahm’s lullaby over and over and over again.  at the very least it’s a good primer for baby’s future musical tastes.

today i am exactly 8 weeks along.  there has not been much of a change in the past week.  i may be more tired than before, if that is even possible.  i slept from 10:30 sunday night to noon yesterday, napped from 2-5pm, and slept from 1am-10:30 this morning.  and i’m still tired.  how?  i slept 26 out of the last 48 hours!

t-minus 2 days until our first ultrasound!