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life savers.

this is post is all about the products and foods that have saved my life (or at least my stomach/sanity) through my pregnancy so far.

–saltines.  some days, especially early on, these were the only thing that tasted good and the only thing that stayed down.

–tazo organic spicy ginger tea.  this tea is amazing.  it has no caffeine, and tastes purely of ginger with a hint of orange peel.  sipping a cup of this tea always helps my nausea.

–pomegranate juice.  i mix it with an equal part of sparkling water and drink it from a red wine glass.  it makes me not miss my almost nightly glass of wine.

–simply lemonade with salt.  run a lemon along the rim of a low ball glass, dip in salt, pour in simply lemonade and enjoy!  it’s so good, especially with mexican food.  i will be trying this with simply limeade soon.

–lavender bubble bath.  i take a warm bath every night before bed, and this makes the experience all the more soothing.

–sleeping with a second pillow.  i put the additional pillow between my knees.  it helps me stay asleep and prevents me from rolling onto my stomach.  i am a chronic stomach sleeper.

–unisom.  when i feel particularly nauseous or restless, i take half of one.  it’s completely safe to take during pregnancy and is an anti-nausea and sleep-aid all in one tiny pill.  it easily breaks in half, is uncoated (so it works quickly), and is small enough for me to take without water.

so there it is.  my basic list of pregnancy essentials.  what worked/works for you during your pregnancy? i’m always looking for suggestions of new things to try!

lime time!

i am 12 weeks today and baby is the size of a lime.  that just seems so HUGE to me.  baby L is developing reflexes, such as opening and closing those little hands, sucking in fluid and swallowing.  in addition to pooping in there, baby is also excreting urine.

in terms of my development, my uterus is now the size of a softball and will continue to grow at a rate of 1 cm a week.  if i press down low on my abdomen, right above the pubic bone, i can feel it.  it’s insane.  though the uterus is low, i am thickening and beginning to show much higher in the abdomen.  does anybody know why this is?  i’ll post a 12 week bump picture tomorrow so you can see what i mean.

yesterday, i had a stranger ask me if i’m pregnant.  this was a first!  it must mean that i’m not the only one to notice it!

i have felt great this week!  i haven’t been nauseous or thrown up (except for a very tiny bit) in 6 days!  i think the morning sickness is just about history.  VICTORY.IS.MINE.  my energy is starting to come back, but i still find i need more sleep than i did pre-pregnancy.  my big cravings have been potatoes with hot sauce, bagels and cream cheese, sour candy, pancakes, lasagna, and salads.  a crazy mix, no?

more than anything else this week, i have been hit with an overwhelming excitement and desire to meet this little one.  it’s all i can think about.  i can’t wait to see little S or E in travis’ arms.  when i think about what an amazing father he will be, i well up with emotion and love.  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, what we lack in space and money we more than make up for in LOVE.  it may be naive and romantic, but i think love really is all you need.

evening sickness.

i think i’m finally seeing the light at the end of the nausea tunnel.  i only get mildly nauseous once or twice a day, usually after i brush my teeth.  yes, my gag reflex is so sensitive that brushing my teeth sets it off.  twice it has led to actually throwing up.  it’s the worst cycle ever.  brush teeth, throw up, brush teeth again, throw up again and so on.  i have to say that so far this is the weirdest unexpected side effect of pregnancy.

my fatigue seems to be subsiding as well.  i’m still more tired than usual, but now i’m able to fight through it and stay a bit more lucid.  sleeping for 12 hours a day/night was no good!

p.s. how amazing is this kitchen play set?

play set via pottery barn kids.

travis and i seem to favor toys like this, which encourage imagination, instead of those which beep, buzz, and over-stimulate.  i still think that i’m having a girl.  i feel mentally prepared for a girl, but we would be thrilled with either.  i can’t wait to find out in just over 2 months!

on an unrelated note, fruit snacks have never tasted so good!


i work in the children’s department of a large corporate bookstore.  all day i’m surrounded by thousands of different books that i want to buy for our baby.  so far i’ve ordered one:

e.e. cummings has long been one of my favorite poets.  when i found out he wrote a book of fairy tales for children, i just couldn’t resist it!

i got this for travis to read to our blueberry:

his dad used to sing this song to him when he was a kid.  it’s his early valentine’s day present.

in other news, today was a great day.  I was barely nauseous at all, and i got a bit of my appetite back.  i told my manager about the pregnancy, and she was more supportive than i could have hoped.  she assured me i could take all the time off i needed and could come back as part-time without a problem.  to top everything off, as i was walking to clock-out, i found $20 on the ground!  booyah.

t-minus 4 days until our ultrasound.


at this point i’m experiencing more food aversions than cravings.  nothing really sounds appetizing at all, but some things just sound downright disgusting, especially meat.  all meat.  chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, hotdogs, sausage.  it’s all gross right now.  tonight is taco night.  travis will have ground beef, and i will have black beans and avocado.

this whole relationship with food is completely new to me.  i love food–cooking and eating.  i really don’t think i’ve had a food aversion in my life.  it is also amazing how quickly a craving can turn into an aversion.  i really wanted cheesecake the other night.  i NEEDED cheesecake.  i ate one small slice before the sight and the smell of it began to repulse me.  it went from delicious to baked by the devil himself in 60 seconds flat.

from what i’ve read and been told, this should all subside by the second trimester.  5 more weeks of this.  i can do it, and will likely do it a couple more times in my life.  in the end it will all be worth it.  all the sensitivities, aversions, mood swings, and soreness will result in a soft, pink, smell-goody little baby .  it is so worth it.


a sinus infection+pregnancy=gross.  it’s a never ending cycle of drip, swallow, gag, repeat.  my morning sickness has really been ramping up in the last week or two and this post nasal drip isn’t helping matters.  i’m going to change into my pjs, snuggle up to my elephant humidifier, and sleep.

seriously, how cute is that?