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look what we got!

yesterday, before i went into work, we perused the baby section of our local target.  this is what we left with:

i think this is a great contender for her coming home from the hospital outfit!  i’m kind of a sucker for giraffes and polka dots, and you rarely see those two together in the wild.  plus, it will look great with the hat grammy and poppy got for her.

i now have less than three months to wait until i meet my baby.  life is good.

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these are a few of my favorite things.

alternate title for this post:  all of these things are awesome, but some of them are way too expensive.

kit lili field of flowers romper from clementine rose, $34.99

kit lili apples onesie from clementine rose, $38.00

funny bunny lamp from urban outfitters, $48.00.  ok.  i am seriously thinking about splurging on this for the nursery.  don’t judge me.

annamoa fabric from ikea, $7.99/yd.  my awesome mother-in-law has kindly offered to make our crib dust ruffle and curtains.  travis and i are seriously considering this fabric.  i’m going to ikea with my mom next week, where i hope to see it in person.

i’m sure there will be a part 2 to this post sometime soon.  i find new baby things everyday that i love.  while travis is at work tonight, i’m going to do heaps of laundry, make my adorable nephew a shirt for his birthday, and pack for my last-minute trip to pennsylvania on monday!  i’m not going to lie, i’ll probably also spend a chunk of my time making and eating cinnamon buns and watching america’s next top model re-runs.  don’t judge me!

i’m so excited to spend a few days in my hometown with my family and friends!  i hope my parents let me cook them dinner one night.  they have a big, beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen and it is a joy to cook in.  quite the departure from the cramped corian wonderland that is our kitchen.  it’s time for me to take a shower and get to the laundry cinnamon buns.  so long!

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p.s. thanks to all of you, we are now in the top 50!  THANKS!!


i have to leave for work shortly, where i have to stay until 11 tonight.  just in case i don’t get home in time to (or in the mood to) post anything, here is another onesie i made!

travis has a thing for dinosaurs, so i made this more for him than for our child.  if the baby is a boy, i will leave it as is.  if the baby is a girl, i will add a pink bow to the dino’s head and some pink or purple hearts to the front and back.  well, i have to run and make myself some dinner to take with me.  bye!  have a wonderful thursday!

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bump and a haircut…

…2 bits.

i LOVE my hair cut!  if you voted “NO”, and don’t like it, that’s ok.  i am so much happier with my hair now!  without further ado, here is my bump, my hair cut, and some outside pictures to celebrate the beautiful day we’re having!

the other side of my hair is a bit longer in the back.  it looks like a mullet in this picture, but i swear it’s not!:

and one to showcase this gorgeous day:

our 16 week appointment went really well.  the heartbeat still sounds strong and fast.  i believe the doctor’s exact words were, “the baby sounds great.”  a couple vials of blood and a payment later and we were out of there in 45 minutes.

travis is out taking auggie on a nice, long walk in the sunshine.  tonight we’re headed out to babies r us and a few other stores to start exploring our stroller, car seat, and crib options.  our parents are visiting in 3 weeks, and we want to have a good idea of what we like before then.

oh, and last night i made a burger onesie!

i hope you all have a great day!  i’m going to sit outside in the sun.

of hair cuts and onesies.

the “to cut or not to cut” poll was close, with 55% in favor and 45% against.  i, however, have decided i am 100% in favor of getting a hair cut.  i have also decided to forgo a super short pixie cut in favor of something a little less drastic–around chin length or a little shorter.  that way, if i want to cut even more off, i have the option.  baby steps.  i have an appointment at 10:00 tomorrow morning, and will post the results (and a 16 week bump picture) tomorrow evening!

in addition to my hair cut, we also have our 16 week appointment tomorrow.  i am looking forward to hearing the heart beat again!  i also have to get more blood drawn to test for various genetic and chromosomal issues (down syndrome, tey sachs, etc).  just standard stuff.  the next appointment after this is the BIG ONE.  that’s right, 3 weeks from tomorrow we find out if our little shrimp is a girl or a boy!!  both sets of grandparents will be in the room with us when we find out, making it even more special.  I CAN’T WAIT.  i don’t care what this baby is, i just want to know.  i still think it’s a girl.  only time will tell.

i made another onesie last night:

this one is for travis.

and just because i love making polls, what do you think our baby will be?

owl always love you.

travis and i bought some plain, white onesies and fabric markers today.  since we don’t know the sex yet, we’re trying to keep them neutral.  this is my first attempt:

nothing too special.  i wanted to keep it pretty cute.

today i am 16 weeks.  baby is the size of an avocado at 4.5 inches from head to rump.  i find this disturbing, as every time i think about my child, i start craving guacamole.  the big development this week is that baby’s ears are in place and he/she should be able to hear us talk!

tonight’s post is a short one.  i got very little sleep last night (only 45 terrible minutes) due to a combination of frequenting the potty and one very vocal neighborhood dog.  travis and auggie can sleep through anything, but i am not so lucky in this respect.  oh well.  i suppose nights like that will prepare me for this little one’s arrival.  i may change my tune a week in, but right now i’m strangely looking forward to those late night feedings.  i can’t wait for those moments when the world is quiet and still, and it’s just me and the baby, looking at each other.  it’s going to be amazing.