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owl always love you.

travis and i bought some plain, white onesies and fabric markers today.  since we don’t know the sex yet, we’re trying to keep them neutral.  this is my first attempt:

nothing too special.  i wanted to keep it pretty cute.

today i am 16 weeks.  baby is the size of an avocado at 4.5 inches from head to rump.  i find this disturbing, as every time i think about my child, i start craving guacamole.  the big development this week is that baby’s ears are in place and he/she should be able to hear us talk!

tonight’s post is a short one.  i got very little sleep last night (only 45 terrible minutes) due to a combination of frequenting the potty and one very vocal neighborhood dog.  travis and auggie can sleep through anything, but i am not so lucky in this respect.  oh well.  i suppose nights like that will prepare me for this little one’s arrival.  i may change my tune a week in, but right now i’m strangely looking forward to those late night feedings.  i can’t wait for those moments when the world is quiet and still, and it’s just me and the baby, looking at each other.  it’s going to be amazing.