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the calm before the storm.

i think i have another gallstone attack a-brewin’. i’ve been getting all the typical warning signs over the past 2 days. i really hope it happens tonight instead of tomorrow night. i have to leave for the airport at 7:30 in the morning on wednesday, and i’m getting on the plane come hell, high water, or gallstones. this calm before the storm is the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal. i can feeling it coming, but i don’t know when or where i’ll be.

the good news is that my strict diet is working. it’s no panacea, but it is helping. it has been 5 weeks since my last attack. before i knew what i was dealing with, i had 4 attacks in the course of 2 weeks. sylvie only needs to keep cookin’ for 9-13ish more weeks. if i keep going at this rate it is likely i will only suffer 2-3 more episodes before her birth. then i can get this sucker taken care of. PRONTO.

there is other good news. my midwife suffered from gallstones in the past. she also had a completely drug free birth with her second child. she told me that, hands down, the pain of gallstones was worse than that of a natural childbirth. my last attack lasted 4 hours and i made it through. it was miserable, but i made it. i know i can do this birth without pain medication because i will be working towards something beautiful and incredible and life changing. gallstones are pain for pain’s sake. childbirth is pain with a purpose.

i know i can do it.

i’m still excited to give birth. i thought i would grow anxious as the big day approached. and, hey, there’s still time for that. i’m not ruling anything out here. but here i am, in my third and final trimester, and no less excited than i was at 12 weeks. it’s a day, maybe 2, of pain and hard work in exchange for a lifetime of joy.

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i just got back from my appointment.  the doctor thinks it was just a particularly bad case of round ligament pain, which has subsided now.  we heard the baby’s heartbeat, and it sounded good and strong.

it was a scary day to say the least, but we got to hear our baby again.  this, alone, makes the hour i spent writhing on the couch completely worth it.


i’m having some fairly severe abdominal pain on my lower right side.  i called my OBGYN and snagged an appointment for a little later this afternoon.  when i spoke to the nurse she said it was probably just round ligament pain.  i still want to get it checked out, just in case.  travis is driving me over in about an hour and i will be sure to keep all of my lovely readers posted.  until then (though i’m sure there’s nothing serious wrong), please send your prayers/good vibes/whatever our way!  i would very much appreciate it.  thank you.