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thoroughly stylish thursday.

the last couple of days have really kicked my butt! sylvie hasn’t slept at all for the last two days. she has been awake all night long for two nights now, and keeps refusing to go down for naps. she is fussy, whiney, and all around inconsolable. we took her to the pediatrician this morning and discovered an ear infection. poor girl! i really hope the antibiotics help her quickly.

if there’s one thing i’ve learned about mommyhood so far it’s that there is always something. we finally got her tummy issues worked out and now she’s sick. it turns out she does have multiple protein intolerances. my intuition was correct after months of doctors trying to convince me it was colic or reflux or just normal behavior. UM excuse me, but watching my baby scream through every feeding for 2 months is NOT “normal” behavior. we switched her to neocate, which is a protein-free, amino acid based formula. she’s been on it for 10 days now, and she is a completely different baby. she is smiling consistently for the first time, and is happily engaging with the world around her. it’s amazing to be able to put her down in her play gym or swing and have time to brush my teeth or make a sandwich. she seems so much happier. despite being sick and in pain, she’s still in better shape than she was 2 weeks ago. amazing.

for obvious reasons, wardrobe wednesday didn’t happen yesterday. we are all completely exhausted and my milky moo was not in the mood to tolerate anything other than pajamas. who can blame her? so we’ll call this installment thoroughly stylish thursday. this picture and outfit are from a few days ago. i call this look “black and white and cute all over”. as my very best friend was kind enough to point out, i am a dork.

fleece peacoat: target (part of a set), striped pants: h&m

i am in love with this outfit. i think we might dress her in it again for our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. it matches her new halloween ghost hat perfectly.

well it seems as if my little sylvie has finally allowed her eyes to close. she will only sleep on her daddy’s chest, but it’s a start. wish us luck for tonight! i have a feeling we’re going to need it.

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the last few days.

I have spent the last 4 days being really sick. All of this culminated in a trip to the ER in the middle of last night. I literally woke up screaming at 2 in the morning with severe upper abdominal pain. I’ve dealt with migraines and ovarian cysts for years. This pain trumped those issues NO PROBLEM. I couldn’t stand up at all and could barely breathe. All my body could manage was to vomit repeatedly, and it took all of my strength to make it from the bed to the bathroom. Travis managed to keep his cool and get a nightgown and shoes on me and a shirt and jeans on himself. Luckily, the hospital is a mile down the street from our apartment.

I’ve been to the ER in the before thanks to those aforementioned issues. In fact, this was my second trip to this hospital since moving here in August. The first was when I got 2nd degree burns all over my hand on my birthday, but that’s another story. This trip was different right off the bat. They immediately moved me upstairs to Labor and Delivery, hooked me up to a contraction monitor, and got the doppler ready. Once the pain began to subside, I could feel Sylvie moving around like crazy. They found her heartbeat right away, and she kicked the nurse’s hand when she placed it on my stomach. Clearly, Sylvie was fine.

After an hour strapped to the monitor without a single contraction, they unhooked me and let me rest a little. A lab technician came up and drew a few vials of blood and I gave a urine sample. Both of those came back totally normal. The doctor decided it was probably just severe stomach cramps, which were exacerbated by my GERD and the fact that I had been sick with a killer stomach virus for the last three days. We were back home and in bed by 5:00 in the morning.

I can’t even begin to tell you how scary it was to be in that wing of the hospital at 21 weeks. All I kept thinking, over and over, was, It’s not time for this yet. The upside of all of this was our nurse. She was fantastic. She reassured me, talked me through everything that was happening, and kept me laughing. I cannot say enough good things about her. I hope to see her again in August when it comes time for us to meet our little girl.

It was quite the scare, but I am happy to report that I feel much better today. Sylvie is kicking away as I type this, and the 3 of us are tired, but in good spirits. I just want to relax for the rest of the night and snuggle up between my man** and my pup. Goodnight.

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**By the way, what a man he is! Throughout the whole ordeal, he stayed calm and collected. He was amazing, as usual. I am so blessed to call him my husband.


a sinus infection+pregnancy=gross.  it’s a never ending cycle of drip, swallow, gag, repeat.  my morning sickness has really been ramping up in the last week or two and this post nasal drip isn’t helping matters.  i’m going to change into my pjs, snuggle up to my elephant humidifier, and sleep.

seriously, how cute is that?