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another first.

today is travis’ first father’s day! i got him a few small gifts (a nice wine journal and a funny book) and took him out to dinner. i really don’t know what i would do without him. he has spent the entirety of this pregnancy anticipating and fulfilling my every need, want, and craving. he truly is the most patient and caring man i know. our little girl has no idea how lucky she is to have him for her father. i know he will be completely devoted to her and our little family.

happy first father’s day to my favorite,

my one and only,

my man.

i love you more than i know how to express. thank you for everything you do for us.

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29 weeks.

i quickly snapped these 29 week bump pictures on my way out the door to meet travis for a dinner date.****

i feel like i’m finally starting to look pregnant.  i’ve gotten many more comments from strangers over the last few weeks.  i’m still measuring a little on the small side (27 weeks), but my midwife said it’s completely normal.

i took the glucose tolerance test this morning.  the glucola was not as horrible as everyone made it out to be.  i drank it in about a minute flat to get it over with.  it made me a little bit nauseous, but that quickly subsided after the one hour mark.  other than that, the appointment went well.  i was THRILLED to find out that sylvie is already head down and likely to stay that way.  good job, baby girl!  her heart rate was very good at 140 beats per minute.  seriously, i can not wait to meet this kid of mine!

there is much to be done today!  our dear friend, joe, is coming into town this weekend.  we’re a small stop-over on his drive from philadelphia to iowa.  neither of us have seen him since last summer, and i’m so excited to spend some time with him!  i need to get this place looking more like our hip apartment and less like babies r us exploded.  wish me luck!

****by “dinner date” i mean that i went to the restaurant where he works (and was tending bar last night), and sat at the bar for an hour of his shift.  i ate some amazing gazpacho and a delicious shaved vegetable salad.  i even had a small glass (probably an ounce or so) of wine courtesy of my husband.  ssshhhhhh!  don’t tell the preggo police!

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p.s. sylvie totally has the hiccups right now!  since she is head down (i repeat, GOOD JOB, BABY GIRL), i can sort of feel them in my butt.  does this happen to anyone else??


we didn’t get done anything else on our list for tonight.  instead we got our butts out of the apartment and went to a cook-out at our friend’s house.  it was worth it.  i’ll make up for it tomorrow and saturday.  it’s been a long day and i’m exhausted.  here are some random bump pictures for your viewing pleasure.

from my point of view:

the last one is a bit cheesy, but we hardly have any pictures of the two of us!

BEDTIME.  goodnight!

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code blue assassins vs. helldorados.

travis and i had a surprise day off together! to celebrate we went to see the bleeding heartland rollergirls season opener! we only stayed for the first match because i’m a little bit sick. it was a lot of fun, nonetheless!

our home B team, the bloomington code blue assassins, put up a great fight against the cedar rapids helldorados. in the end, the they just couldn’t squeeze past them. bummer! i took a ton of pictures from the night. enjoy!

today was a really fun, really busy day! now it’s time for me to try to relieve some of this congestion with a long, hot shower. goodnight and happy weekend!

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the insatiable hunger monster.

this is what happens when 2 married, twenty-something art school graduates get bored. enjoy.

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24 weeks!

i can’t believe sylvie and i are already 24 weeks along! the second trimester is flying by. she has gained a 1/4 of a pound since last week, and i can really tell. this is the week that my stomach has started jumping. her kicks are so consistent and strong that i can watch my stomach hop and move for minutes at a time. last night, travis’ hand was on my tummy as she gave us her strongest kick yet! we both just looked at each other in amazement. it was incredible.

sylvie is over a foot long this week and weighs well over a pound. holy smokes! that seems so big to me. i recently heard somewhere that, at this stage in her development, sylvie is asleep 90% of the time. judging by how much i feel her move, i just assumed she never slept, like sharks or lindsay lohan. she certainly never sleeps at night! that, coupled with some crazy calf cramps, makes sleep hard to come by. oh well.


travis is teaching his first class today! let’s all take a moment to appreciate how awesome that is. this is what he has been working toward since i met him, and he’s doing it over a year sooner than he thought! none of this is luck. it comes as a result of years, days, hours of hard work on his part. he will be an incredible teacher and i hope his students quickly realize how invested he is in their fine art education. i’m so very proud of him.

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boring day.

my day went something like this:
-woke up at 7am
-worked from 8-12
-met travis for lunch and ate flautas and sopapillas
-hung out at home until it was time for trav to leave for work
-took a nap
-ate a huge steak and a bunch of asparagus
-went to wal-mart to pick up a few things
-walked auggie
-watched “school of rock”
-made this post

pretty boring, huh? that’s all she (i) wrote. just so this isn’t text only, here’s one of my all-time favorite pictures of travis. i miss the beard.

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