pretty dresses.

sorry, folks.  there will be no bump picture tonight.  i have a roaring headache and am already in my pajamas for the night.  no getting dressed and putting on make-up for me tonight!  i promise i will take one tomorrow evening after work.  may as well wait until i have to look presentable anyway!

instead, i will show you the pretty maternity dresses i ordered!  i recently bought two dresses.  one is for my baby shower and the other is for my parents’ 40th anniversary party.  both will likely take place in the same weekend, sometime in june!  i found both of these dresses on asos.  i’m not sure which one i will wear to which event yet.  maybe you, dear readers, could help me decide?



i know it’s a little early to be buying dresses for june, but i saw these two and decided to jump on them.  they were cuter and cheaper than 95% of what i’ve seen out there.  travis is taking me out to a nice dinner next week to celebrate 4 years together.  i think i’ll test-drive the black one then.

i’m thinking the blue one for the shower and the black one for the anniversary party, but i would love to hear your input.  it is much appreciated!  i hope you have a good night.  i’ll be snuggling with auggie, watching men’s snowboard half-pipe, doing laundry, and trying to kick this headache/heartburn.  goodnight!


10 responses to “pretty dresses.

  1. go with number 2 to the anniversary party! number 1 is cuter and better for a baby shower.

  2. If you get dress number 2, do you have to stand like the girl in the picture? : (

  3. I agree with T!

  4. Oh! I love these. Great finds! The black one is my very favorite – absolutely gorgeous. I hope you’ll post pictures when you wear them.

    • I’m going to wear the black one to dinner with my husband next Saturday! I will b sure to snap some pics of our night on the town!

  5. The black one is gorgeous! Perfect for a date night.
    And the blue one seems like a great choice for a shower. Have you ever heard of A friend of mine bought a dress from there for her shower.

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