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apartment tour.

yesterday i was tagged by allie to share some of my favorite things about our little abode. it’s about time i gave a tour of our apartment!

these are a few of my favorite things:

auggie the doggie!

our books, especially my small collection of cookbooks.

our patchwork chair, complete with my favorite ikea pillow.

our giant yellow four-poster bed, always in a perpetual state of unmade-ness.

the kitchen, also known as my favorite room.

our little herb garden on the deck.

sylvia’s mobile above her crib. we’re still working on the rest of the drawings for it!

the pink parrot, which hangs over the other end of her crib. this belonged to me when i was little.

lastly, the view from our living room windows. i spend a lot of time looking out this window, at the trees, and daydreaming about sylvie.

there you have it! our tiny, happy, cozy apartment. sometimes i wish we had more room. i often wish we could move this apartment to another place. that said, at the end of the day this little one-bedroom is my sanctuary. this is my first home with my husband, the place where sylvie was made, and where we will bring her home. i will miss this place when we move next year.


i leave for my hometown bright and early tomorrow morning! i can’t even begin to tell everyone how excited i am. we have so much fun stuff planned including my parents’ 40th anniversary party, our baby shower, my sister’s birthday, lounging by the pool, and trivia night at my favorite bar (i’ll have the root beer, thanks).

my posts will probably be short and infrequent over the next week. i apologize in advance for this, but life is for living. and i have a lot of living to fit into the next seven days.

i’m all done with my packing and ready for bed. it was a LOOOOONG day today! auggie had to go to the vet and he did his best to make the experience as unpleasant as possible. he’s pooped. I’m pooped, and i have my alarm set for 6:45am, so i’m going to call it an early night! goodnight and a pleasant tomorrow!

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bump day.

i haven’t posted a bump picture in almost 2 weeks! here i am today, at 24 weeks and 1 day:

i feel like my belly is changing everyday. i think auggie agrees!

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boring day.

my day went something like this:
-woke up at 7am
-worked from 8-12
-met travis for lunch and ate flautas and sopapillas
-hung out at home until it was time for trav to leave for work
-took a nap
-ate a huge steak and a bunch of asparagus
-went to wal-mart to pick up a few things
-walked auggie
-watched “school of rock”
-made this post

pretty boring, huh? that’s all she (i) wrote. just so this isn’t text only, here’s one of my all-time favorite pictures of travis. i miss the beard.

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my tuesday (in pictures).

okay. this first picture is technically from monday night, but it’s too awesome to not post. this is how we do a family portrait around here.

we went up to greenwood today to get some registering done at babies r us and target.

the drive is about an hour long and almost entirely on one road. i hate driving there with a fiery passion, but it is the closest place with any baby-related stores. greenwood also has a super target, which is one of the world’s most amazing things.

we got a yummy lunch while we were up there.

travis pulled a sneak attack and snapped this picture of us trying to navigate the endless aisles of crap at babies r us.

when we got home, travis took auggie on a nice long walk while i cooked us some dinner. i made tofu tempura, vegetable stir-fry and quinoa.

all-in-all it’s been an eventful day. we got so much done! we also picked out our glider today. i want to give a big, fat THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, melissa and my brother, michael, who bought it for us! right now i just want to watch glee, put the glider together, and do some of this:

have a happy tuesday!

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long day, long week.

today was my last shift at work for a couple of days. i haven’t gained much weight yet in this pregnancy (about 4 pounds or so), and my bump still isn’t very large, but i definitely feel pregnant.  after 8 hours on my feet for multiple days in a row, i am worn out.  i tried to snuggle up with auggie and take a nap earlier.  my efforts were rudely interrupted by my first nosebleed in about 15 years.  thank you, increased blood volume!  i sincerely hope this does not become a regular occurrence.

i don’t have much to say to tonight.  it’s been a strange week, with many emotional highs and lows.  i welcome my “weekend” and the rest it will provide.  to make reading this worth your while, here are a few pictures of my cute mutt.

i know the weekend is almost over for most of you, but mine is just beginning.  so happy weekend!

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falling in love with your best friend.

travis, auggie and i took a small sojourn to monroe lake today, which is a large man-made lake about 10 miles southeast of town.  we took a bunch of pictures, including some 20 week bump photos.

here are my halfway point bump pictures:

look, ma!  no toes!

it’s been a beautiful day so far.  tonight, while travis is in class, i’m going to my first prenatal yoga class and will spend the rest of the evening putting sylvie’s changing table together!  have a happy thursday!!!