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what does an elephant say?

travis cracks me up, whether he means to

or not.

rainy saturday.

here are a few videos to brighten this rainy saturday!

sylvie LOVES sophie the giraffe. it is seriously the best $20 glorified dog toy ever.

we’re spending this rainy saturday evening hanging with our girl and making an easy dinner at home. i hope you all have a wonderful saturday! enjoy the weekend!

music monday.

i don’t have much to say tonight. last week was gross, but this one is looking better. things are looking up for old sara hinkle.

in lieu of a regular post this evening, i will share some songs that always get my monday mornings started off right!

first, a classic:

second, a favorite:

third, mr. ben folds:

fourth, a guaranteed smile-inducer:

fifth, another favorite:

i think that’s enough for now. what songs never fail to put a big, fat smile on your face?

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