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the columbus zoo.

travis, sylvie and i are in ohio to celebrate the upcoming holiday with my in-laws. today was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees, so we spent the afternoon and evening at the zoo. (you may recall that the last time we tried to go to the zoo, my gallbladder intervened.) every year, around the holidays, the columbus zoo extends their hours until 9 at night and covers everything with christmas lights. sylvie slept for most of our visit, but woke just in time to see the trees light up. so pretty. i took over 60 pictures during the 3 hours we spent there. these are my (20+) favorites.


can’t stop, won’t stop.

taking pictures of my precious girl, that is.

today we went to sylvie’s 2 week pediatrician appointment. her weight gain was a little touch and go at the beginning, but i’m happy to report that she is back up to her birth weight. that’s 9 ounces gained in one week! she’s eating like a champ around the clock, which means almost no sleep on our end. it’s all so worth it.

so much love.

i apologize for my lack of posting over the past week. however, in my defense i have the cutest reason ever to be preoccupied.

we finally got some clothes that fit her today. she’s so tiny that my mom had to venture into the preemie section. the newborn items we have are HUGE on her. can someone please explain to me where the clothing items for 5-7 pound babies are hiding? the preemie items are just slightly short on her, but they fit her better than anything else. oh well. i’m sure she’ll fit into her newborn stuff by her actual due date on the 31st.

there are many unexpected side effects of having a baby that no one ever tells you about. the one that has hit me is the overwhelming love i have for my husband. it’s an entirely new kind of affection now that we’re nurturing this life together. i’m more in love with him now than i ever thought possible. he just blows me away. he went from changing his first ever diaper to being super dad over the course of a day. you always hear about the mother’s instincts and intuition. i think it’s about time we give it up for the dads. his instincts are spot on. i’m continually impressed with how well he has adjusted. there is so much love in our little family.

your first few days

(in pictures)

i could sit and stare at you all day long, sylvie. we love you so much.

the past.





(yep, that’s travis. this was taken a few months before we began dating.)





(the day we found out about sylvie. december 22, 2009.)


it’s been a long road to get where i am today. i regret nothing. every misstep, mistake, and bad hair cut has lead me to today. i have never been happier.

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another saturday night.

travis, auggie and i are having a movie date tonight.

we’re going to watch 500 days of summer, which i haven’t seen yet.  i ❤ netflix.

travis and i just finished a delicious home-cooked dinner of balsamic-brushed roasted brussels sprouts, crispy prosciutto, shallots, and balsamic reduction over pasta.  it was so tasty!  i’ve been brussels sprout CRAZY lately.  they always sound so yummy to me.  i am also obsessed with edy’s strawberry popsicles.

ALSO, i am taking a short trip to pennsylvania a week from monday to visit my family and friends!!!  i miss them so much.  the hardest part of being pregnant has been having to go through it so far away from my support system.  don’t get me wrong, travis has been amazing through everything, but nothing can replace good girlfriends and parental support.  i haven’t been back east in months, and i am so excited i got to plan this little last-minute getaway.  travis, who is less than a month away from his final painting critique, will stay here with auggie and get some much needed uninterrupted studio time.  we’ll miss each other, but he’s happy to spend the time painting.

well, travis is almost done with the dishes (i love that man), so it’s almost movie time!  have a lovely saturday night.