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new york minute.

no, the subject of this post does not refer to the olsen twins movie of the same name.

oh, eugene levy! how the mighty have fallen. but that’s another post entirely.

instead, it refers to a moment i had in the parking lot while i walked into work this morning.  i was minding my own business (all lalalala), walking from my car into my workplace.  when i walked behind a certain car its reverse lights came on and it suddenly crept toward me.  instead of doing something sensible like stepping out of the way, i proceeded to punch the back of the car and shout, “PREGNANT WOMAN WALKIN’ HERE”.  then i ate a dirty-water hotdog (just kidding, but mmmmm).

in more important news, i finished the crocheted pillow front i was working on.

now i just have to back it, line it, and stuff it!  easy peasy lemon squeezey.

nursery art.

i have some older illustration pieces laying around that i think will be a perfect addition to the nursery walls.

we already have a bit of a bird motif going on in here.  this will fit in nicely.

i can see this in a small frame, right above the changing table.

this piece must be in there somewhere.  what’s sweeter than love and a tin can phone?

ok, i know this isn’t exactly an illustration, but i want this baby to know from day one just how much love is in this tiny apartment.  even though this isn’t a drawing, i still spent a ton of time making our save the dates.  this deserves a place on that wall, darn it!

i have some more ideas for drawings to add to the walls.  i also bought some new yarn today.  i’ll be crafting up a storm over the next 6+ months!  stay tuned!

of appointments and clothing.

my OB appointment this morning went really well.  i didn’t get the triple screen today (my place does that at 16 weeks), but i did get 5 vials of blood drawn.  AND i got to hear my baby’s heartbeat again!  it was amazing and even faster than last time–a whopping 175 beats/minute!  i just wish travis had been there to share it with me, but he was in chicago for the day.  i have another appointment in 5 weeks and 3 weeks after that we find out the sex.  just 8 weeks from today!  april 8th at 4:00pm.  i can’t wait to cut out this him/her crap and know for sure.


i made this post on affordable maternity clothes a while back, which featured items from forever 21.  however, it has recently come to my attention that forever 21 has really disgusting labor practices.  as such, here is another post on affordable maternity clothes from places another than forever 21!  hooray for do-overs!

modcloth.com has long been one of my favorite websites to find affordable and stylish clothes.  like forever 21, they are not a maternity store per se, but they carry a great deal of bump-friendly styles.  unlike forever 21, they carry exclusively small/indie designers, all of which use fair labor, and most of which are made in the good ole USofA.  below are some of the designs i’m currently coveting to cover my convex core:

foxglove t-shirt dress, $23.99

donna-jo tank, $29.99 and, sadly, out of stock

ode to a grecian tunic, $57.99 (definitely out of my price range, but soooo pretty for a special occasion)

southwestern spa dress, $52.99

delilah dress, $54.99

pointillism dress, $49.99.  i LOVE this one for a baby shower.

speaking of maternity clothes, heidi klum’s lines for both motherhood and a pea in the pod premiere tomorrow.  i’m curious to see if the motherhood line with be as stylish as it could be.  i have the feeling that the pea in the pod line will be the more chic (and expensive) of the two.  we’ll see.

it seems the rest of the evening will be spent cuddling with my puppy and crocheting.  i started a baby pillow yesterday and am just 3 rounds from finishing it!

it matches the blanket i’ve started.  cute.

to do list.

1.)  figure out a pattern for this hat:

2.)  finish the baby blanket i’m crocheting.

i started this blanket the day we found out about our baby.  the first words out of my mouth, after seeing the positive test, were, “i’m going to need more yarn.”  as soon as this blanket is done, i have another i want to start.  i figure a baby can never have too many lovingly made blankets.

3.)  start work on the crib mobile.  travis and i are collaborating on this one.  i’m making the plushies and he’s making the cross bar and hanging apparatus.  so far my idea is a sun, a cloud, a bird or two, and maybe an umbrella.  these will all be made from shades of yellow, orange, aqua, and green felt.

i have some other things to make over the next 6.5 months, but the rest of the list depends on the baby’s gender.  i plan to make a cloth triangle banner with his/her name to hang on the wall above the crib.  something like this:

if i have the time, i would also like to make an appliqued quilt and a dust ruffle for the crib.  we’ll see.

ok.  i think it’s pancake time.  i had a dream about eating pancakes in disney world the other night.  ever since then i have wanted pancakes like crazy.  i want to go to disney world, too, but pancakes are more feasible/affordable at the moment.  YAY PANCAKES!