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this has NOTHING to do with anything baby related. i just wanted to personally thank the person who took the time to compile this video.

THANK YOU. you’ve made this uncomfortably pregnant lady very happy. bless you.

nothing big to report today. i’m still experiencing a lot of low pelvic pain and pressure, some mild cramping, a bit of quality time with the toilet, LOTS of little kicks in the ribs, and head butts in the you-know-where. we’re really getting to the end! i’m chomping at the bit to meet this baby girl.

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“you know, that’s nice.”

how great is this old (circa 1977) sesame street clip?!

it’s pretty sweet and a little bit creepy.

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a quick second post: meet merton.

ladies and gentleman, meet merton.  he is my new favorite youtube personality.  he hangs out on chatroulette and plays improv piano songs about the random people/creeps in encounters on the chance program.  piano nerds and technology?  in the immortal words of liz lemon, I WANT TO GO TO THERE.  warning:  the following videos contain some cursing.

this is ben folds’ tribute to merton, which he perfomed live at his concert in charlotte, north carolina:

ben folds has long been one of my favorite musicians.  my older brother got me hooked on him when i was 9, and i’ve been a huge fan ever since.  that’s almost 16 years of unconditional love right there.

i know this post is in no way baby related, but this made my day yesterday, and i felt i had to share.

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