7 weeks.

this past week has been the worst so far in terms of nausea and fatigue.  nothing sounds appetizing, and i basically just eat because i know i should.  the mental fatigue is even worse.  i constantly lose my train of thought or can’t think of the word i’m meaning to say.  how hard is it to remember the word simultaneous?  i mean, COME ON.  couple this with the fact that i’m not sleeping well due to the frequency and severity with which i have to pee, and you’ve got one spacey, glassy-eyed, and moody woman on your hands!

in happier news, this week our baby is the size of a blueberry!

he/she is developing hands and feet and is slowly losing its tail.  go, embryo, go!  i have no visible bump to speak of, just a general rounding and bloaty-ness.  the eggo waffles (i mean preggo waffles) i keep eating probably don’t help matters.

and now for the week 7 “bump” picture:

please excuse the greasy hair/lack of make-up/haute couture ensemble.  this was taken fresh from an afternoon nap.

just 9 days until our first ultrasound!


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